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Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

Summit Christian School offers a part or full-time program for four-year-olds. Our Voluntary Pre-K program is designed to prepare students for early literacy. A minimum of 540 instructional hours is dedicated to this program, where our staff meets and exceeds state-required credentials. Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment in which each student will be encouraged to experiment and explore. Our curriculum consists of units that revolve around various themes and topics. Visit today to view the Early Learning Coalition of Southwest Florida where you can create an account to obtain your own VPK voucher.

teacher and preschool students reading

Philosophy and Standards

While growing in our understanding of God’s Word, sufficient for all of life, students will have the opportunity to investigate those themes and participate in developmentally appropriate activities that encourage growth in the following areas:

  • social skills (sharing, cooperating, communicating)
  • work habits (caring for materials, cleaning up, helping)
  • personal skills (obeying, using manners)
  • readiness skills (retelling stories, counting, recognizing shapes, letters, and numerals, and comparing the relative size of objects)