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Accredited and Transformational Christian Education

Accredited by Christian Schools of Florida and NCPSA, Summit Christian uses high academic standards to guide the creativity and leadership of our teachers. The transformative learning experiences at SCS promote academic growth through the lens of scripture. This encourages students to gain knowledge and wisdom of both the Lord’s word as well as traditional academic subjects. With small class sizes, our teachers create a safe, open setting where instruction is individualized, helping students succeed and explore God’s world. Learn what sets Summit Christian apart by visiting our Admissions page and scheduling a tour.

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Nurturing Growth Through Best Practices

At Summit, testing guides instruction and measures growth in reading, language usage, and math. We use a nationally norm-referenced test called the Measure of Academic Achievement offered through the Northwest Evaluation Association, Unlike other assessments that students just take in the spring, making them “high stakes,” the MAP test is broken into smaller time periods over a few days in the fall, winter, and spring. Teachers use this formative information, similar to other classroom assessments, to support or adjust instruction, and to help students succeed by supporting continued growth over the course of a school year.

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